no swine here!

7:26 AM

So, I've learned a couple of things about myself today.

#1: I am a total hypochondriac.  If someone says they are nauseous, I start to few queasy.  If someone has the swine flu, all of a sudden my kids are showing all the symptoms and I myself fall ill.  And the best part, once I finally convince a doctor that not only am I totally sane but I also want them to give my kid a rapid flu test, yes the same one who seems to have caught a case of the giggles as soon as we walk through the door and is belly laughing so hard they cannot even look in her mouth, AND the test comes back negative, we immediately all feel better.  Funny how that happened.  So I am now looking for a therapist.  Just kidding.  Kind of.

#2: Well, I can't really think of a number two, but the numbering idea just seemed to have a little more punch.

So, I am pleased to announce that we are SWINE FLU NEGATIVE and apparently Olivia is just teething and I have a mild cold.  Ahem.

I'm so glad I didn't go off and do something crazy like cancel my Mommy's Night Out Scentsy Party for tonight.  *sarcasm*

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  1. You know I've got the therapist's number. Holla!



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