santa pic 2009

2:00 PM

I am feeling quite accomplished this holiday season and it's not yet the first of December! As you can see, we have already been to visit the big guy and have our annual picture taken. I was pretty surprised Sissy did not break down into hysterics when I placed her in Santa's lap. The old "hold your child facing you and make smiley, happy faces at her while you slowing walk over to Santa and place her in his lap then RUN away as fast as you can" trick seemed to work. The expressions on both kids' faces seem to be lacking a bit of excitement, but I do love how Sissy seems to be slightly comforted by the fact that she is able to hold Lukey's hand. Sweetness.


And the big question...what did the kiddos ask Santa to bring them this year??? Luke wants a "real motorcycle, a real motorcycle helmet, and a real motorcycle suit" (for racing, of course).  He also asked Santa to bring Sissy a baby doll and a baby bottle.  He said that is what Sissy wants.

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  1. What did you guys do to Santa, he looks so excited. We went to the same one, and didn't get the reaction. Were you hiding behind the chair and pinching his butt? Great pic! It is always nice to get the whip of the santa picture out of the way.

  2. Love this, and love that Luke also told Santa what to bring his sister. That is sweetness!



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