Happy 6 weeks, Baby Girl!

11:41 AM

As you can see, Emily has learned the "social smile". Her daddy and I are officially wrapped around her little finger.

She still has quite a bit of hair, even though she has lost a lot of it. And, she still has her little angel kiss on her forehead and her eyes are still blue (for now). She is steadily gaining weight and is still a happy, content baby. She has a temperament similar to Olivia as a baby. She goes back to the doctor in two weeks for her first round of vaccines. I was told by a lactation consultant that she may be slightly tongue-tied. The more I have researched about it, the more I am convinced she is not. She is doing a great job with the breastfeeding and I am trusting that my body will supply her with everything she needs to grow and thrive. She may not be as big as Olivia was at this age, but she also started off a lot smaller. So even though she's still on the small side, she's growing and she's happy.

And, Olivia is still obsessed...this is the face Emi sees coming at her all. day. long. Olivia says Emily has two mommies. Boy does she ever!

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  1. I love the pictures! Emi looks so much like you as a baby! Livvy is going to be such a good big sister!

  2. Emily DOES look just like you did as a baby!

    Sissy is such a good "Mommy"! ;)

  3. What precious pictures! I just love this family. How cute that Livvy is so obsessed with little Emily. What does Luke think?



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