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Last week at MOPs we talked about the importance of capturing "the everyday" of our lives. Not just for us but for our children. I admit, as a photographer, it is difficult to let go sometimes and not worry about the technical aspect of a photo and just be in the moment and capture that memory for my children. My kids do things every day that I find myself thinking, "oh how I wish I could just freeze time and keep you this way forever..." And these moments don't always take place in the beautiful, yummy light (as I call it)...sometimes these moments are during dinner when the only light source is the chandelier overhead (yuck!). But what I realized, is that first off, I've become a photography snob. That's right, I'm picky about what and when I will shoot...even when it comes to "the everyday". And, second, I am missing lots of moments because of this.

So, I am breaking free. I am vowing to post only SOOC (straight out of camera) images of my kids. I am letting go. I will focus on capturing our everyday life, the kids just as they are, doing what they love...where they want to do it. :)

I love Emily's big, squishy tummy! Her legs and arms are still pretty skinny, but she's got this big tummy and I just love it!

Olivia made this little turkey hand print at school last week. She was so proud of herself and I love it!

More crafts that Olivia made...a lion (they learned the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den)...and a picture from the petting zoo that came to their school. :)

Our refrigerator...and a close up of the turkey that Olivia decorated all by herself. Luke had to decorate one for school, so we made a copy and let Olivia do one too. She loves doing homework with Bub :)

I love this! Luke wrote this all by himself!

Emily loves her play mat. She loves grabbing at the toys that hang down, playing with her feet and rolling around. One day she rolled all the way off the play mat and across the floor!

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