Life Update

5:38 AM

This week I've indulged in Pumpkin Spice Coffee, Pumpkin Spice Greek Yogurt, and Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon Swirl Bread.  Every.  Morning.  *happy place*

I love this time of year.  I love routine.  I love Fall sports.  I love Fall food.  And I cannot wait for the weather to cool down and to be able to celebrate all the fun Fall holidays with the kids.  Fall truly is such a fun time for our family.

School is in full swing for the big kids.  We just started week three and everything is going great.  I think this is going to be a fantastic year for both of them.

Emi started Pre-K today.  She has been waiting on this day since the big kids started school.  She was so excited to get to school and be one of the "big kids".  She picked out her own backpack this year (Frozen) and lunchbox (Doc McStuffins) and even picked out her own outfit (a pink dress and cowgirl boots).   I could tell she was a little nervous when I left, but then she found her seat and started working on a coloring sheet.  She wants to be a big kid like Luke and Sis so bad.  I just love that little girl.

Emi is playing soccer for the first time!  In fact, this is the first team sport that she's participated in EVER.  Therefore, it's a really big deal. :)  Her first practice was a little shaky.  But she's shaping up to be a great little soccer player and I cannot wait for her first game!

Olivia is also playing soccer this Fall.  This will be her 3rd season with this team and she's improved so much since she started.  I've noticed a big difference in her confidence and aggressiveness.  She isn't afraid of the ball anymore and she certainly isn't afraid of hurting anyone's feelings if she takes the ball away from an opposing player.  She's in it to win it and she's fierce!

Luke is playing both baseball and lacrosse.  He had a hard time deciding between the two and since it's technically the off-season for both, we said "what the hay", do both! :)  He is playing catcher and is really good at it.  I hope he keeps it up and pursues this position because he is such a natural.  Lacrosse is going well but since I still don't know much about the positions, the rules or the game itself, I can just say he plays his heart out and even scores a goal or two each game.  It's really exciting to see.

And that's it for now!  As you can see, we are quite busy this Fall.  Hopefully, I can find the time to keep up with the blog a little better.  Now that the kids are getting bigger, I love being able to look back on posts from when they were little (er).  When I was actually doing it (consistently), it was more of an fun outlet for myself.  But now I see how important it really is and how much I will cherish looking back at our day to day life, reading through my thoughts as a mom or the funny little things the kids said.  It really is so important.

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