3:14 PM

sissy enjoyed the new little swing that her paw-paw hung out on the breezeway just for her. so, we spent much of memorial day weekend relaxing outside and enjoying the fresh air and taking turns pushing sissy back and forth.


she especially loved it when lukey would come by and give her a little ride. or, as shown in the picture below, "twisty" her up and make her spin. and i think lukey got a kick out of that as well.


i love this little smile she's giving luke. she thinks he's just the absolute coolest and just loves her big brother. one of the best things about being a mom up to this point has been watching the relationship grow between lukey and sissy.


and in other news, sissy is pulling up and cruising around on everything. she loves to walk around holding onto my fingers so it won't be long until she's walking. what am i going to do?


and one of lukey giving out kissies.


and then one of grandma playing 'pat-a-cake' with sis.


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  1. I love the pictures!!!! I cannot believe Olivia will be walking soon already. Time flies. We need to plan a cook-out or something soon. Miss ya!



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