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6:30 AM

not sure if this will become a regular thing or not, but i've always loved the idea of taking time each day to think about the things we are thankful for. so here it goes, my 5 for today.

1. the fact that we have enough money for me to go buy pretty flowers and spend the day planting them with lukey.

2. naps & dvr (those go together because without naps there is no mommy time and without dvr mommy time just isn't the same, no offense maury.)

3. costco (so i only have one BIG trip to the grocery store a month. i love spending time with my kids, just not inside a grocery store.)

4. my sisters (i realize how lucky i am to have two sisters living nearby who also stay at home with their kids and how special it is that we get to experience motherhood together. i mean, who else, will put my kid in time out if i'm too busy changing a poopy diaper. and for that, i'm grateful.)

5. nick (totally supportive & truly values me staying at home to raise the kids)

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  1. You know what I was thinking... I bet pther people think we are crazy since we are always disciplining (sp?) eachother's kids. We need to wear shirts when we go out together in public thats say "Its okay if she snatches my child by the arm and drags him/her over to time out... We're SISTERS!" Haha!

    I love your list by the way!

  2. laughing at laurin's response about the shirts. i neber really thought about it but i bet ppl are scared of us!ha!

  3. You forgot to talk about wine.



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