water park a la lukey

12:06 AM

so i did something yesterday that i rarely do. i attempted to have a conversation with a dear friend...on the phone...while both kids were awake. (GASP!) i thought all was well and even briefly remember having the thought, "wow, maybe lukey is growing out of this 'i will do everything in my power to keep mommy from talking to anyone but me' phase. maybe i can actually have adult conversations over the phone rather than quick, sporadic texts and emails or the occasional whisper conversation while the kids are both napping (which by the way hardly ever happens)".

where was i? oh, yes. lukey. so just as our conversation gets into full throttle, i hear water running (never a good sound). i walk calmly to the bathroom where i find luke pouring cupful after cupful of water onto the bathroom floor. he is sloshing and splashing around in it with his feet. i say in my most calm, mommy voice (i am still on the phone, you know), "lukey, honey, what are you doing?" to which he responds (with the most excited/proud little smile on his face), "i'm making a water park, mommy."

at that point, the phone conversation was ended and mommy and lukey had a little chat about why we do not make water parks inside our house. just another day in the evans' house.

to all of my friends,

one of these days i will be able to talk on the phone again, until that day comes please continue to text or email. i will respond on a "kids-allowing" basis, probably after 8pm (bedtime) or between the hours of 1 and 3pm (naptime) during the day. i just cannot risk another water park episode, my baseboards are water logged as it is.

thanks for your cooperation.

love you,


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  1. Cameron and luke must have been talking. We had a similar incident recently but buddy used blue shampoo and blue mouth wash instead



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