r.i.p. sharkie

12:50 AM

sharkie passed away last night sometime between 8pm and 7am this morning. we found him stuck to the underside of his water pump. luke has no idea. he went over to his tank this morning and said "oh, no! sharkie's stuck again!" and proceed to try and free him with a spoon. sharkie then started spinning and twirling around in the tank because of the pump and luke said "look! sharkie doing tricks! where sharkie learn all those tricks?" luke thought it was pretty funny and enjoyed the entertainment. thank goodness my kid is not the most observant.

rest in peace, dear sharkie.

we love you and will never forget you. i'm sorry i didn't clean out your tank more often and i'm sorry you got fin rot (still not sure what happened there). you will be missed.


now off to buy another "sharkie". i wonder if i can buy one with fin rot so luke doesn't notice. what am i saying, i could probably put a turtle in there and he would just think it's another trick sharkie is playing.

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  1. HAHAHA!! Lukey is soo funny!



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