that's just great

1:15 AM

apparently i am not eligible to renew my driver's license online, which means i have to drag my TWO children up to the DPS. the last time i had to do this, luke was just about olivia's age now and it ended up being so much "fun" that i came home and rocked back and forth in the fetal position until nick got home.

anyone else need to make a trip up to the old DPS. come on, it will be fun. i'll bring some starbucks and we can make a playdate out of it. anyone? anyone? please.

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  1. Actually I do need to go. I still dont have a license with my last name as Whitfield. Maybe we could go together and help wrangle the kids.

  2. Bring the kids over here. There is a DPS on Old Denton by me.



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