olivia - 14 months

9:52 AM


And, of course, I had to put one up of my own little miss sweets. So here she is. Olivia at fourteen months.

Some fabulous things about Olivia:

1. She has finally started to walk but only as a last resort (ie: mommy is dropping her off at the gym child care and she is desperately running after her) or when mommy is not looking/has left the room.

2. She loves accessories and clothing. She takes anything that fits around her head and wears it as a necklace. If it doesn't fit around her head it must be a purse and it is worn around her shoulder. She also loves to steal bracelets and will wear them all day. She likes to put her arm out straight and admire her jewelry when she has it on.

3. She likes to clean. She is always bringing me Luke's dirty socks that he takes off and throws on the floor. She crawls across the floor dragging whatever it is and then hands it to me and then waits to be praised.

4. She still loves to eat and her thighs show it. No explanation necessary.

5. She says "mama", "ga-ga" for daddy, "my!" for mine, and does baby signs for 'more', 'eat', and 'please'.

6. She has started to bring me diapers when she is wet, lays down on the ground in front of me, and then pulls her legs up to her chest.

7. She's just all around fabulous and we love her pieces!

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  1. LOVE, love, love the pictures. I can't wait to see the rest of them! Thanks again for everything.

  2. Little Mamasita!



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