good morning

1:33 AM

So as everyone knows we are still enduring our night time battles with the dukester. Pretty much every night he sneaks or comes running and screaming into our room. As a means of survival lately, I have just been going and getting in bed with him when this happens. At least that way, Nick can get a decent night sleep.

Anyhow, the other morning I awoke to Lukey totally snuggled up to me like usual, but as he started to stir he sat up and the first thing he said was "mama, you look aMAZin'! You're the most beautiful mama in the whole world!" Haha! I'm pretty sure I did look "amazing" first thing in the morning. Little charmer knows just what to say to keep his mama sleeping in his bed.

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  1. Awesome! Cant wait for Avery to realize how stunning his Mama is...haha!



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