3:30 PM

So who do you think found a "real" motorcycle tonight?  And not just a "real" motorcycle, but a blue "real" motorcycle?  Uh-huh, that's right.  Found it at Wal-Mart for just $49!'s not actually a real motorcycle.  It's more of a 3-wheeler electric scooter that just happens to sorta/kinda look like a "real" motorcycle if you turn your head and squint real hard.   So what if it only goes 2mph?   

So my Santa confidence has been renewed and now I just have to find a "real" motorcycle helmet.  I found this one online at Walmart.  I now just have to search the city for a Wal-Mart that carries it in store.

And then if I can just find a "real" motorcyle suit, we will have everything checked off the list.  I thought this whole "getting your kid what they want from Santa gig" was supposed to still be easy at 3 years old.  Why couldn't he have just asked for a football?  I guess that's just what makes Lukey Lukey.  I love him and his craziness.

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