Mutton Bustin'

8:24 AM

Okay, so despite the fact that I have lived in Texas my entire life, I have never heard the term Mutton Bustin'.  Well, that all changed on Thursday when we decided to visit the Houston Rodeo with some friends.  My sweet baby boy went Mutton Bustin' for the very first time and let me just say...I'm so proud.  ;)  He's such a fearless kid and I knew as soon as we saw it and heard the crowd roaring that the next question would be "Mom, can I do it?!!"  And, of course, how could I resist.  It sure did look like fun and I knew this would be the closest we would ever come to making his dream of riding a real bull come true.  Haha.  So we signed him up and the rest is history.  I will admit, my heart did just about leap out of my chest as I saw my precious baby in that big helmet and vest being placed on top of a wild, mangy sheep in the pin.  But, he did an awesome job and hung on as long as he could!  He ended up scoring 95 out of 100 possible points and was just shy of first place.  If they had asked me, I would have said he won, but they didn't. :)

Right before it was his turn to ride, they announced his name, favorite food (steak), and what he wants to be when he grows up (a cowboy).  Then the gate swung open and that sheep took off!  Go Lukey Go!!

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  1. OMGooooosssshhhhh!! This post just made my entire week!! If that isn't the CUTEST thing I have ever seen! Go Lukey, Go!! OMGosh my first encounter with mutton bustin was at the Ft Worth Rodeo like 5 years ago. I was DYING, it was the most adorable thing I had ever seen! I still use mutton bustin as one of my happy thoughts. So I was thrilled to see this post! Luke is soooooo cute, how can you stand it?! I LOVE the picture of his little foot hanging on for dear life to this giant bucking cottonball. What a great shot! And speaking of great shots, I would fill up your entire blog just GUSHING about your talent Juli. These pictures are INSANE!!! 100% clinically insane. The color, the detail, the bokah (oh yeah, I used the word ;)), the raw MOOD of these pictures that is expressed so well in every shot. UNBELIEVABLY GAH-ORGEOUS!! You are fabulous Juli.



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