Spring is here!

6:22 AM

We have a fabulous park within walking distance of our house that we go to at least once a week. There is a gorgeous field of bluebonnets right by the park so we thought we'd try to get a few pictures of the kids. And, since my kids have woken up on the wrong side of the bed for the third day in a row, we opted out of the picture taking. But, I was able to help my friend, Mari, get some cute pictures of her two little ones. This is one of my faves in black and white.

And here is the gorgeous field...

I'm hoping to take the kids back this weekend for pictures in their Easter outfits :) It's so nice to have this place so close to home. No parking on the side of the highway to get a picture in the bluebonnets. Yay for that!

Oh, and if you'd like to see what the kids did last night, check out Mari's blog here. We found the craziest duck and now the kids beg to go see him. He is actually quite mean and aggressive and chases the kids around. I think it's safe. Ducks don't have teeth, right?

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