Operation Big Girl Room...Complete!

8:02 AM

So Olivia has officially transitioned into her new big girl room and I can honestly say it has been quite a success. Not only does she love sleeping in her new big girl bed, she now wants to be a big girl in every way. She is now wearing big girl undies all day and all night. She has not had an accident in about a week now and has even started to go poopie in the potty! And for anyone who has had the luxury of knowing us during our first go round with potty training, knows this is a major feat! She was also very happy to give her baby crib and rocking chair to the new baby. I am so happy that this transition has gone as smoothly as it has since just a few weeks ago she was talking about her "big girl crib" and how she may consider sharing it with the new baby but it was her's and she wanted to make sure that we all knew it!

I'm so proud of our little big girl and how much she has grown in the last several months. She is so excited about becoming a big sister soon and is constantly rubbing and talking to my belly. She loves finding old things of her's that do not fit anymore or toys that she has outgrown and taking them to the baby's room. And she asks me just about every day "how's your baby doing?" She brings so much joy and happiness to our lives and I know she is going to be a great big sister.

Here are just a couple of pictures of the completed room, I will upload the rest of them to our family picture website if you'd like to see more. Some of my favorite parts of the room are, of course, the bed that Nick and Luke built together and the "you are my sunshine" wall art. That is Olivia's favorite bedtime song that we have been singing to her since she was born.

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  1. Beautiful! I love it! Can't wait for Sissy to show us around her new room!



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