31 weeks, 4 days

5:15 AM

Today I had my routine OB visit and everything is just fine and dandy :) The baby is happy and growing and I only gained 0.6 pounds over the last two weeks! Hooray for that! At this point, the baby should be gaining about a 1/2 pound a week until delivery so I am pretty sure the next weigh in will not be so nice to me.

I did confirm that the standard hospital stay for c-section moms is only 2-3 days and, yes, the hospital "highly encourages" rooming in with the baby. This is quite a difference from Medical City Dallas where the standard is 5 days and they only bring the baby to you to breastfeed. Ummmm...information that would have been nice to know before we decided to move to The Woodlands! Kidding! ...kind of :) So what this boils down to is, I am going to have to actually take care of the baby...myself...like right away. Oh, and the 5 day hospital vacation that I was so looking forward to, yeah, well, that's obviously not going to be happening. Ha! I guess I'll manage :) Is it bad that I've actually considered driving back to Dallas to deliver this baby? Like seriously. Ha!

In other big news...we finally got the official c-section date! It's going to be Wednesday, June 29th at 7am. That's assuming the baby doesn't decide to come earlier. And, yes, I realize that is just 3 days after Olivia's birthday, but the way I see it, does it really make a difference if they are 3 days apart or 7? Either way, we are going to be doing birthdays back to back or maybe even double birthdays while they are little.  So, that's the day!  And the official countdown has begun!  I'm going to have to find one of those cute countdown thingy-ma-jigs to put on my blog now :)

So...with just 6 and a half weeks left until we meet this little bambino, Operation Baby Ready needs to be kicked into high gear!  Here are the things that we still need to do before the baby arrives.

1. Sand and paint changing table

2. Organize baby closet

3. Buy remaining baby items

4. Finalize baby names

5. Pack hospital bag

6. Buy big bro/big sis shirts and gifts

7. Buy going home outfit for baby

8. Coordinate child care and Nick's time off from work

9.  Buy new infant insert for carseat

10. Figure out car situation

I'm sure there are more things, but this is all my preggo brain can manage right now. :)

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