26 days and counting...

12:12 AM

...until we meet our sweet baby boy or girl!  And to say I am ready would be a huge understatement!  I am so ready to meet, hold, kiss on, and snuggle this precious little baby who has been kicking me for the last 8-9 months!  And the kids are so ready too!  They keep talking to my belly, saying things like "Baby!  Come out already!  We're tired of waiting!"

So, I'm officially 34 weeks and 1 day today.  The c-section is scheduled for June 29th at 7am and I'll be 37 weeks, 6 days (according to the records).  I still feel pretty strongly that my due date is about two weeks off, so if I'm correct, I could actually be more like 39 weeks, 6 days on c-section day which would be exactly the same as Olivia.

We are pretty much ready for the baby, I just need to pack the hospital bag and do a little more organizing of the house.  And last night, my sweet friends from MOPs took me to dinner at my new favorite Mexican restaurant, Guadalajara, and showered me with diapers and wipes!  It was so nice to have some girl time and to celebrate this sweet little baby with my new friends!  It made The Woodlands feel a little more like home and I hope they know how much it meant to me :)

Of course, preggo brain over here, totally forgot my camera, otherwise I'd post some pictures.  Thankfully, Deana and Chelsea both remembered their cameras so hopefully I'll have a few pics to share soon!

In other news, Luke is FINALLY sleeping all night in his own bed!  I'm still in disbelief and find myself waking up several times a night expecting him to come running into our room.  I was so worried we'd still be battling this when he started Kindergarten and then with the new baby coming, I was pretty worried about how it was all going to work out.  But thank goodness, it has!  And, he is so much happier during the day.  And so is everyone else since we are all getting better sleep!

Sissy is almost potty trained....we are 100% with the pee-pee and about 50% with the poopy.  I'll take it.  It's been so nice to have a little break from changing diapers, especially since in just 26 short days we'll be starting all over again in that department.

And speaking of Sissy, we are just starting to plan her birthday party.  I'm thinking it's going to involve a waterslide and lots of popsicles and, of course, PINK.  That's all I've got so far, ha!

We are going to pick blackberries today so hopefully I'll get some cute pics of the kids to post on the blog.  I think I see a blackberry cobbler in our future!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

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  1. Can't wait to meet him/her! So glad I was able to feel some kicks this weekend. I love that baby already!

  2. Aaaaahhhh!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!! And SO proud of you for going all this time and not finding out the gender of the baby! That is SO hard! I tried to wait and be surprised when I was pregnant with Stone. But I think that only works when you really don't have a preference for a boy or girl. I had a preference so it was way harder. That is soooooooooo cool! I am so happy for you Juli!!



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