Last minute beach getaway!

2:26 PM

I was laying in bed Saturday morning, literally I had just woke up. I don't think I had even opened my eyes yet. I started thinking about the day and what we could do that would be fun for the family. BEACH! Yes, the beach! So I popped up, told Nick about my big idea, and then suddenly we were making a grocery list of supplies, packing the truck, and throwing on swimsuits! I love days like this! And anyone who knows me and Nick, knows that we just aren't the best planners. We get these crazy ideas last minute and just run with it. And somehow it makes it more exciting, more special, and just more fun!

So we made it to the beach just before lunch and the kids took off running into the ocean! Olivia was too little to remember the last time we went to the beach, so this was all new for her. She loved the sand and the water. But, she said she loved the sand more. Luke loved boogie boarding in the surf and, of course, little Mr. Personality found a few little friends to play with and build sand castles. Nick and I relaxed on the beach and soaked up the sun and just enjoyed watching the kids play. It was such a nice way to spend our last weekend before baby #3 arrives.

Oh and this was pretty one point Nick dug out these tiny little clams or snails or something that lives just under the sand at the shoreline. He wanted to show the kids how they come out of their shells and then dig themselves back under the sand. So first Nick shows me and, of course the little boogers immediately open up and dig back down. It was actually pretty cool. So, then he calls the kids over and is like "watch this!". So they are waiting, watching, staring for several seconds and nothing. The clams just sit there. The kids lose interest and run off. As soon as they leave the clams start digging under! So Nick and I yell for the kids to come back over. I heard Luke tell his new little buddies, "hang on, guys...I have to go see my dad do this boring magic trick..." Ha! Nick and I felt so uncool for the first time as parents! And then wouldn't you know, as soon as Luke is standing there watching, again, the little clams do nothing, nada. They just sit there. Luke looks at us like we are crazy and then runs back to his friends. He must have thought we were the biggest nerds. :)

Here are just a few pics I snapped in a hurry...I was scared to bring my camera out for long because of all the sand and sea water. I did get some cute video though that I'll try to post later.

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  1. HAHAHA! Love Lukey! He is so funny. And yes, Nick has some lame tricks.

    Pretty pics!



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