day 88

12:26 PM

Emily will be 3 months old on Thursday and I cannot believe how fast time is flying by these days! She is such a happy, easy-going, calm, smiley, sweet little girl. She smiles at everyone! She is just like Luke was as a, so smiley and happy. And she laughs and giggles now too! She is very, very ticklish. When we went in for her last doctor appointment, she belly laughed during the entire exam. The doctor and I couldn't stop laughing because every time she would touch her, Emily would start up again. It was so cute. And she is very communicative in her expressions and her little coos. And even her cries. When she is hungry her cry sounds like "neee-neee...neee", almost like she is saying "need". ;) And her cries for sleepy, wet/dirty, and hurt are so distinct that I immediately know what she needs.

She weighs 10 pounds, 14.6 ounces (25%), is 24 inches long (82%), and her head circumference is 15 inches (11%). She has had the DTaP, Hib, Hep B, Polio, Pneumococcal, and Rotavirus vaccines. She is starting to use her hands more and even tries to put her own paci back in her mouth. She reaches for toys and is now grabbing my hair, my shirt, my face...basically anything close enough to grab. She goes to sleep for the night around 6-7pm, wakes to eat at 10pm and then usually sleeps until about 4:30am. I usually let her lay in bed with me and nurse off and on until we get up for the day at about 6:30-7am. She wakes up happy and full and likes to hang out in her bouncer while I get the kids ready for school.

I just love this little girl so much and couldn't imagine life without her. She completes our family so perfectly and I'm so blessed to be her mommy. :)

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  1. So sweet.... bring her back! We miss you guys so much. Mom and I saw a tiny baby crying at the fabric store over the weekend. All I could think was, we have one of those... we just don't get to see her very much. :/

  2. Little Emily is so beautiful just like her mommy..!



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