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1:37 PM

So tonight we are hurrying up to the ball fields for Luke's t-ball game and I notice the kids packing all 157 of these tiny army guys into a back pack. I tell Luke that he cannot bring them in the car, there are way too many pieces and they will get lost in the car. He says "okay" and we proceed out the door. As we are driving down the road, Luke pulls out a huge freezer bag stuffed with all 157 tiny army guys and says, "look what we brought, Mommy!" Obvious blatant disobedience, right? So I tell him he is in trouble and will not be able to play with the army guys all day tomorrow. He starts whining about how unfair that is and I just tune him out and go back into my happy place. Then Olivia chimes in with, "why you sad at Bubba?" I tell her that he is in trouble because I told him not to bring the army guys and he did it anyway. Then she says "so you sad at me, too?" I said, "no you are not in trouble, Bubba is the one who disobeyed". She gets this confused look on her face and then said "Bubba not know". I said, "what do you mean, Bubba not know?" Then Luke yells out, "Sister is the one who packed them up in her back pack and brought them into the car!" I asked Sister if that was true. She shakes her head no while saying yes. It's obvious she cannot decide if she wants to tell the truth and get in trouble or tell a fib. Then she puts her little hands up in the air and says "whaaaat? we not s'posed to bring army guys? whaaat?"

I start laughing because she's just so darn cute. And, because she seriously had no idea that she was disobeying by bringing them. And, here I am getting onto Bub when he did actually listen to me. The baby is crying at this point and I begin to laugh even more, as a defense mechanism, I'm sure. Then Olivia says "ooooh, you just jokin', Mommy?...we not in trouble?? just teasin' us?..." I say "no you are not in trouble, neither one of you is in trouble." She gets a confused look again and says "well then, whobody in trouble?" I laugh even more and then I get to where I cannot stop laughing. The baby is in total freak out mode and here I am still laughing, uncontrollably.

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