12:36 AM

Moving again.

This past year has been full of growing for our little family. Growing in number as we added our precious Emily to the family. Growing in faith as we trusted in our Lord and took on a challenge that most definitely took us outside of our comfort zone. Growing as a couple as we learned to rely more on each other. Growing as a wife as I learned that despite my own reluctance, my sweet husband knows what I need and what I want and always has my best interest at heart. Growing as a mommy as I learned what it means to truly do it all. No more Nana or Aunt LaLa's or Aunt Mamy's. No date nights. Just us. 100% us. And...I found my confidence as a mom.

Something else happened as well. I realized that I could be happy anywhere as long as I have my family. My kids and my husband are my greatest source of happiness, satisfaction, and inspiration.

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