man of the house

2:31 AM

When Nick goes out of town overnight, Luke gets to be the "man of the house". This means (according to him) that he gets to sleep in my bed, so I'm not scared, of course. :)

Last night he went to sleep at his usual bedtime of 8pm. He fell right to sleep, in my bed. He did not wake up until his usual time of about 7am. He usually wakes up pretty happy and ready to start the day. Today, that was definitely not the case. He was so cranky!

He didn't want to watch My Little Pony with Sis. That's a girl show.

He didn't want to take his lunch to school. He hates sandwiches.

He refused to walk down to the bus stop. Instead, he hid behind a bush in the front yard.

He cried. He protested. He told me I am "so mean".

He ended up missing the bus. A first.

He cried in the car on the way to school. He said that everyone thinks he's a jerk.

Before he got out of the car, he apologized. He said he was sorry he missed the bus. He said he thought the bus driver would wait on him. He looked at me with his big brown eyes and tear streaked face and it just broke my heart.

What went wrong this morning? Why did something as simple as taking his lunch spark such a huge meltdown? Is he stressed about the move? Is he stressed that Nick has not been home as much? Is something going on at school? What am I missing?

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