i feel sick

4:59 AM

Buying and selling houses is just never fun. It stresses me out! Mama bear needs a home for her baby bears. Something about moving just hits a cord in me, it's so emotional.

This is the first time that we have attempted to by a pre-owned home. We've dealt with builders and with selling our own homes, but never with another family who is just as emotional charged.

The reason I feel sick is because I just emailed off our "best and final" offer. There is another offer that we have been told is better than our's, but for whatever reason they asked that we put our offer in writing. We have been told, in so many words, that the other offer is higher and is not contingent on selling another home. But they still want our offer in writing. I'm so confused, frustrated, tired.

I like this home, but it is not perfect. There are things that I wish were different, but it is the best option for what is available right now. Sure we could wait it out and hope that a better home comes up for sale. But I'm tired. I don't want to be packing up and moving the baby bears again. I don't want to live in an apartment or rental house. I don't want to store all of our belongings all summer. I want to be settled.

It's hard to hold out any hope after being told our offer is not as good as the other. But we don't have options. Crossing my fingers that they pick us, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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