it's official!

9:56 AM

She's a walker! Just shy of 15 months and she's finally walking! And running...and climbing...and jumping...and dancing :) She may have taken her sweet time with those first steps, but she is definitely catching up for lost time now. She is moving and moving fast! We went from a baby who would eagerly sit on my hip or in the stroller, to a little ball of energy and determination that she is going to walk EVERYWHERE. She got to follow me around The Loft while I was shopping the other day and got the biggest kick out of it. At first she just stood there like her feet were glued to the floor and as soon as I told her it was okay, she took off. Laughing and moving those little chubby legs as fast as she could grabbing at anything and everything shiny and sparkly. Boy was she mad when she eventually had to be strapped back in her stroller because she was trying to run out the door back into the mall! She reminds me so much of her brother at this age! She never stops!

I've definitely neglected the blog these last couple of months. We've been busy getting back in the groove of things with school starting back up and flag football and gymnastics. And sadly, I've hardly touched my "real" camera. But before you panic, please know my kids' lives have been fully documented with the help of my handy dandy iphone and, of course, Instagram. ;)

Last night, on a whim, I decided to grab my big girl camera and head outside to watch the kids play. And I am so glad I did because look at all these great moments that I would have lost. My memory is terrible...most days I can hardly remember the last time I showered (did I really just say that out loud?) so remembering every little detail of how Emily looks when she says "gwee? well, I will have to rely on my camera to preserve those memories. This was such a great reminder to me that it just takes a few minutes (all of these pictures were taken within 15 mins) a day to capture these sweet memories for my kids.

Oh and did I mention we got a dog? Her name is Maggie and we love her so much, but more on that later...

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