it's official...

11:14 AM

...Lukey is a big boy. We picked up his big boy bed tonight and put it in his room. This afternoon was his last nap ever in a toddler bed and he must have known something was up because he slept for four long hours, despite the fact that the air conditioner guys were climbing up and down the attic ladder outside his bedroom door.

I'm feeling mixed. I am excited for him but I am a little sad now looking in his room and no longer seeing his little crib. I had to fight back tears when I was putting his new batman sheets on. I even tried to attach his little fishy aquarium (that he likes to see the "fishies go in the tunnel") to the safety rail. Shhh...don't tell Nick, he'll make fun of me. Unfortunately, I was not able to get it to stay, so tonight will also be the first night EVER without fishies. When I took it off his crib Luke said "awww man! you broke my fishies! see, you broke it right dere."

I still need to do some finishing touches to the room, but I'll post some pictures soon.

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  1. Awww... poor Lukey!

    Why you have to break his fishies mommy?

    Okay so I think I may need your crib. I cant decide if I should use the bedding or the crib so dont get rid of the crib just yet.

    Lukey will be pissed when he comes to my house and sees all of his stuff. He will say "Dat not urs Lala!" haha. =(

  2. Okay, so this made me laugh out loud: "awww man! you broke my fishies! see, you broke it right dere."
    Literally, Lukey has to be the funniest little guy in the world. I'm with Laurin...why did you have to go and break his fishies???
    I miss you guys and can't wait to see his new bed.



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