kailey funny and a congrats

7:22 AM

This is still cracking me up and it's been four hours...HAHA!

Cameron somehow got renamed "Buddy" after he was born and so that's what we all call him. Today while at the mall with my sister and all the kiddos, we were sitting down watching "Buddy" and Luke play on the little stomp mat thingy. Kailey was sitting with us and was saying "Go, Buddy...Go, Lukey" sort of cheering them on. After a second she turned back to Amy and said "What's he's name, again?", pointing to "Buddy". To which Amy said, "Cameron...his name is Cameron". Then Kailey says "Go Cameron!"

HAHAHA! Too funny that his own sister forgot his real name!

Poor "Buddy".

I'm afraid "Sister" has found the same fate. Even Kailey and "Buddy" call her "Sister".

And on with the congrats. My baby sister, Laurin, closed on her first house yesterday!! We dropped of a swing set and housewarming gift last night and toured the house and it's awesome! The yard is HUGE and I'm SO jealous of her pantry!

CONGRATS, Laurin and Michael!

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  1. Bahahahaha! Kailey is so funny!

    Poor Buddy and Sister.

    I wonder what Avery's random name will be. Hmmm...

    Oh and thanks for the house shout out! I am gonna need some serious help in the next couple of days. So bring Baby Sister a swing and come on over!



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