grey's is back

5:31 AM

Grey's Anatomy officially starts back up TONIGHT!!! I am beyond excited (dorky, I know), but I just LOVE this show and have been counting the days until it was back on.

This also kicks off an important tradition/routine in our household. When there is a new Grey's Anatomy on, it's either pizza for dinner or something that can be made earlier in the day in a crock pot and that requires little to no clean up. And since there is nothing bubbling in the 'ole crock pot, pizza it is. Sorry Nick, but you know the rules. Mama don't cook on Grey's night! :)

I hope Luke wakes up from his nap soon so I can run up to the store and grab a frozen pizza. Can you tell I've been slackin' lately?? Ever since I started weight watchers I try not to think about food which often leads to an empty kitchen and no dinner plans. But, at least I'm down 10 pounds!

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