30 day photo challenge {day two}

5:29 AM

and the lunchtime drama continues...

006b-pola copy

at least someone enjoys lunchtime...vegetable risotto and bananas...compliments of gerber...yum-yum!


upset that lunch is over. this really is usually the only time she gets upset. love her and her chwubby little self.


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  1. Keeping Up With the Fitz'sFebruary 6, 2009 at 1:12 PM

    Jack went through the same thing at about luke's age and the dr. reminded me over and over that a child will not starve themselves. IF only I could have look into the future back athen and saw what Jack now consumes. Hey, atleast he is drinking milk and not something like Jolt. Things could be worse. Think of the savings now that you are only feeding Olivia. Hey, you want to trade kids, you can feed Jack and I can aid in Luke's starvation.



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