i realize several things

7:23 AM

i realize that i have not kept up with my 'photo-a-day challenge'. i have no excuse.

i realize that the mountain of clean clothes and the mountain of dirty clothes are not going to go away unless i do something about it. yes, i realize that.

i realize we will be having frozen pizza for dinner because i forgot to thaw the pork tenderloin.

i realize the house is just going to be a mess. i try to keep up but am no match for lukey's demolition skills.

i realize i still have the same long list of to do's that i started with this morning.

i realize that sister and lukey could care less about these things.

i realize that they would rather me come and play, so that is just what i am going to do.

i realize i have just wasted another five minutes writing this stupid post. :)

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  1. When you write it like that, suddenly it doesn't seem so bad. Must use that for my 6 loads of clean laundry waiting to be put away! :)

  2. Keeping Up With the Fitz'sFebruary 17, 2009 at 1:25 AM

    Loved this post!! Hope you dont mind that I borrowed the idea.

  3. Thanks for being real, Juli. I bet a lot of moms (including me) could benefit from realizing the same things!!! Good to see you today :-)

  4. Call or email Karen to set up photo session.




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