bedtime conversations with lukey

12:24 PM

so every night, after bath and story time, I lay in bed with lukey and snuggle him or rub his back and we talk. it's so cute, because he usually likes to recap the day and tell me about all the fun things he did or he tells me about what he wants to do the next day. i love this time with him because he is so sweet and snuggly and says some of the cutest things.

anyway, so tonight i asked him "what are your favorite things?"

he said, in this order...

1. Buddy (cousin/best friend)
2. KK (cousin/best friend)
3. cinnamon rolls
4. smackers (he clapped his hands together, i assumed he just meant all things that you can smack together and make noise)
5. snackies (fruit snacks, of course)
6. m&ms
7. and sister ( how she made it on the list after m&ms)

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