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3:02 PM



oh, how we love all her squishy goodness.

olivia is almost 9 months old now and still the happiest baby around. she's generally just "happy to be here" and goes where ever lukey and i must go. the only time you will hear her fuss is if big brother snatches a toy from her sticky kung-fu grip. and by fuss, i do mean total hysterics. luke is learning, slowly.

some of her favorite things are cheerios, pizza crust, and empty ice cream cones. and she is still obsessed with her paci and the boob, sometimes the same time. another post for another day.

she is not a fan of the swing, jumperoo, or excersaucer. oh, or crawling. the girl just likes to be where ever we are, doing what ever we are doing. which, generally means that she spends about 8 hours a day on my hip. and i was wondering why my right oblique is so much weaker during pilates class tonight.

so that's sissy. will do a proper 9 month update after we see the doctor.

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  1. Ok she is Nick's mini me in that picture. Man, she has the greatest smile. You can't help but have a good day when you see that.



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