the boy's got it bad

9:39 AM

well, it's official. lukey has his first crush, the sweet little sophia that lives down the street. the first time they played together her mom and i caught them playing "wedding". sophia had a blanket draped around her head and was hand in hand with lukey. they would walk a little bit and then turn and kiss each other. on the lips!!! and, well, the rest is history.

so today we took the kids to the arboretum and lukey had a little bit of competition. His name is logan. he's charming and sweet and smart and for those reasons he is quite a threat. haha. the boys were literally fighting over who was going to sit next to sophia, who was going to hold sophia's hand, and who got to talk to sophia. there may or may not have been a couple warning swings in either direction. and there may or may not have been a couple of screaming temper tantrums (luke not logan). oh, and there also may or may not have been an attempt of going straight to the top (logan's mama) and asking that she not allow logan to talk to sophia anymore (again, luke). boys! i learned so much about men in general by watching these two little 3 year olds nearly duke it out today.

so without further adieu. here she is. the one, the only...the beautiful miss sophia.


and i love this picture. it so clearly shows how smitten he is. poor little fella.


so other than the fact that sophia is an absolute doll, i believe the reason she stole my son's heart has to do with the fact that she will gladly play swords and pirates anytime. oh, and she likes to ride shot gun in the monster truck. we all love sophia!

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  1. So cute! did you cut his hair!?

  2. This is too funny! Poor Luke, but what's a boy to do? When there's competition, you've got to do everything in your power to eliminate it! HAHA! Love that boy!

  3. HAHAHA! I can't believe lukey told logan's mom to make him stop talking to her...hahaha!

    He is so crazy!

  4. They were cracking me up! I thought it was hilarious. This is just the beginning...



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