goodbye, sweet bedding

6:48 AM

i am so sad. i bought this bedding a couple of weeks ago and nick vetoed it. he said it was "too yellow". luke and i both loved it and even luke was a little sad we had to take it back to "Potty Barn" to "be with it's fama-wee". luke kept asking me "why daddy say it too orangey" all the way to the store. Poor little fella, he's just as confused as his mommy.

Goodness, i loved this bedding. the color yellow just makes me all happy inside. apparently, not so much for nick. he said it might as well have been pink. so much for my attempt at gender-neutral.

so long, sweet bedding.
i loved you while i had you.
you will be missed.

p.s. feel free to bombard nick's email with your own thoughts on this matter. haha :)

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