"nine" month well baby visit

5:42 AM

even though olivia is ten months old, today was her "nine" month visit. no shots, which was good, but they did have to do this finger prick thing to check her iron levels. i don't remember them doing this with luke at this age, but her iron was fine nonetheless.

so here are her stats, more for me.

height: 28 inches (dropped to 46%)
weight: 20.75 pounds (up to 69%, surprise, surprise!)
head: 18 inches (up to 84%)

the doctor said she looks great and will see us back at one year. she suggested doing away with bottles, since she does fine with a sippy at this point. she also said we can go to all table food if we want and stop the baby food. olivia prefers table food so this is great. she also said we can start whole milk at about 11 months, no need to go organic, hormone free will do it.

oh, and her ears looked great for once.

yay for a good visit!

and some pictures, just 'cause.



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