sharkie has fin rot!

12:49 PM

i was telling nick that sharkie didn't look too good today. he has been swimming kind of sideways. so being the super observant person i am, i totally did not notice that his tail fin has completely come off! nick was like, what happened to his tail? so i googled it and apparently it's pretty bad. the fin rot will continue up their tail to their body and they die a slow, painful death. poor, poor sharkie. i am so sad. nick just said 'well, i guess it's time to get a new sharkie'. but i don't want a new sharkie, i want this sharkie. i am the worst goldfish mommy ever!

okay, so drama aside, there is hope for sharkie. well, if the fin rot has not reached his body. i am going tomorrow to get antibiotics to start treating him. yes, you heard me right, i will do everything in my power to save this little member of our family. so what if he only cost 23 cents. we love him.

tonight i am doing a total water change and tank scrub down. i think the culprit is this cute little shark that luke found at walmart that he wanted to put in sharkie's tank to keep him company. it had some weird fuzzy stuff growing on it. i may put a call into walmart as well to let them know they are selling contaminated, fin rot infested goldfish tank decor and need to put a recall in place immediately. kidding...kind of.

and now a note to sharkie, in case he does not make it through the night.

dearest sharkie,

although it was not immediate, i have come to love you. i love how you wiggle/wiggled your little tail back and forth and looked at me every morning as i poured my coffee.

i love how quiet you are and how, even despite the fact that you have a flesh eating bacterial disease slowing killing you, you don't complain. you just keep on wiggling that little tail fin nub with a smile in your eyes.

i will help you through this dark time. sorry about the fake shark from walmart. we had no idea.


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  1. Oh, this makes me sad :-(
    Hope you don't have fin rot, though!

  2. BettencourtFamilyApril 8, 2009 at 6:16 AM

    poor poor sharkie. I hope he makes it. how are you feeling, did your lip fall off?

  3. Ummmm...I'm pretty sure you splashed fin rot in my eye the other night when you flung that nasty tank open.

    Thanks biotch. I hope I dont go blind.



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