it's official

12:17 PM

lukey is a big boy. he had his first soccer practice tonight. he looked so grown up in his little soccer shorts and shoes and shin guards. he slept in the shin guards last night, he was really excited. i could see this was going to be more of a social hour for him. he would kick the ball and did listen to the coach (a little) but when he was told it was his turn to run the drill he said "but i'm talkin' to him", pointing at a new friend. he is such a friendly little guy. too bad the other kids are there to actually play soccer.

overall, it was a success. luke had fun and we all got some fresh air. olivia enjoyed pulling up grass and releasing it into the air.

so here's my big boy. all excited and ready to go.


and this one pretty much sums it up. playing with his shirt, trying desperately to stand still while waiting for his turn again.


and an "action" shot. when asked to dribble the ball this is what he did. he sort of walked and casually kicked it and then we he got close to the goal he picked it up to center it and then kicked it in to score. he doesn't quite get the "no hands" thing yet.


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