anniversary four

3:13 AM



That would be four fingers (total) we are holding up...not the peace sign. Just felt the need to clarify. Not that we are against peace or anything. :)

So we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary on the seventeenth with a great night out and a fabulous dinner at The Palm. Thanks again, Erin, for the suggestion. It the perfect spot to celebrate and the food was wonderful!

In lieu of the typical mushy "anniversary post" about how fab my husband and our life together is (again, not sayin' that it isn't but...), I thought I would write Nick a poem. This may or may not rhyme. I have entitled it "Nicky-Poo" for obvious reasons.

Eh hem...

Nicky-Poo, Nicky-Poo, how I love you.
Nicky-Poo, Nicky-Poo, I hope you don't get the flu.

Nicky-Poo, Nicky-Poo, you are my best friend.
Nicky-Poo, Nicky-Poo, you have a nice rear end.

Nicky-Poo, Nicky-Poo, thanks for loving me.
Nicky-Poo, Nicky-Poo, and for getting down on one knee.

Nicky-Poo, Nicky-Poo, 'cause I would really be up a creek,
Nicky-Poo, Nicky-Poo, if you had thought I was a geek.

Nicky-Poo, Nicky-Poo, I'm not really a poet,
Nicky-Poo, Nicky-Poo, but I love you and what you to know it.

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  1. You know yall are really just trying to do the super-cool-gangsta-MySpace-peace-sign-pose but yall just forgot the kissy face. Dont lie!

    And Luke did a great job taking yalls pic. Future photographer?

    Oh yeah, and happy annivesary Nicky-Poo & JuJu!



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