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10:27 AM

As if we didn't already have our suspicions. And as one can clearly see from the photo in the previous post. Olivia is a little bit on the chunky side. She went in for her one year visit (a little late, I know), and Dr. Lestz said in the sweetest, gentlest way possible...olivia is a chunk and we need to make sure she is eating good foods and need to cut back the milk.

I guess with the second child, it is easy to overlook the fact that she is consuming 4-6 large milk bottles/sippies a day. And as all the mamas in the 'hood know, I am always running to the store to buy more. Apparently she is supposed to be consuming no more than 20 oz. a day, which is two medium sized sippies.

And, let's just face it, the girl likes to eat and sadly, I think she has inherited her mama's love of food. I gave her three fish sticks and peas the other night for dinner. Not only did she eat all of that in about 5 minutes flat, she was then pointing and screaming at Luke's uneaten fish sticks. She loves her veggies and fruits and all the good stuff. The problem is that she loves everything. She wants to try everything and enjoys everything. So we will not be putting Oivia on a baby diet, but I will be making a better effort of only giving her the good stuff and limiting the corndogs (!!!). Yes, she eats corndogs (bad mommy).

So without further adieu...drum roll, please...

Weight: 27 pounds (95%), pretty sure that's more than Ramsey and Taylor put together :)
Height: 32 inches (95%)
Head: 17 inches (97%)

She also received three vaccines and the first dose of the flu shot.

Oh, and how did I forget to mention the worst part??? Dr. Lestz said no more paci and no more bottles...immediately! Ouch. That's going to sting. I figured I would give her one last night of both since her widdle weggies are sore from the shots and then tomorrow we are going cold turkey.

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  1. Ramsey weighs 28 pounds!!! She and Bryson are a match made it heaven!!! I love it!



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