big things happening at the evans' house

2:22 AM

For starters, Lukey got a "new, brand" bicycle.


Secondly, Luke started preschool yesterday and had a so-so day. His teacher told me at pick-up that he was being disruptive at naptime and wouldn't stop chatting with a little girl named Jasmine (his new BFF). She told me that she took one of his pennies away so he didn't get a trip to the treasure box and was very sad. She said that he asked if he could earn it back and she told him he could earn it back on Thursday at naptime if he was quiet. Hmmmm...still letting this marinate.

My first instinct is that he should have had a chance to earn back his penny that day so that he could leave on a good note and not have to wait two days to be back in good graces. But then, I also know that naptime is at the end of the day and so there probably was not much time left to earn a penny back. And, I know what a little turkey Luke can be...but still. I feel sad for him. He has been talking about it since yesterday. Let's just hope he can keep his little mouth shut tomorrow at naptime so he can hang on to his pennies. But, seriously, do 3 1/2 year olds still nap? Especially on the first day of school? I really can't imagine any kid Luke's age just crashing out at naptime in a room full of other 3 year olds. Am I being a psycho, over-protective mom?

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  1. I hate to say it, but...sorta. Last year when Ava was in the 3 year old class they could either nap or "rest" Either way they had to lay down and have quiet time. Ava took a while to adjust to this. I remember the teacher have to rub her back for quite a few days. Just think on Thursday he will be so excited to earn back his penny. Don't hate me..I'll give you natural spirit.

  2. Teachers have to be stern the first few days so that the kiddos dont walk all over them. Lukey is a quick learner so he will soon realize what he has to do in order to keep his penny. Now, if he had cried about it I would've had to go "check-a-hoe" style on that teacher.



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