So, I've been thinking...

12:34 AM this too much?  A little over the top?  Or just right for a sweet little princess "big girl"?  I love this bed for Sissy's "big girl room" but not sure we can swing the $3000+ that it would cost.  So, I am thinking that I can just have my handy man husband make this.  It looks easy enough, right?

Oh and I just showed this picture to Olivia and she kept saying "" and then doing her evil laugh. 

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  1. That would be so perfect for miss Olivia ! Luke would of course want a slide of his own.

  2. Uhhh... pretty sure Luke would burn this pretty little castle down.

  3. Holy Moly! It's awesome! Haha! Why don't you submit the picture to and have her create "plans" for making this. Then, Nick really could make it! (I'm sure he could probably do it without plans, though!)



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