2:05 AM

We have not been sick all winter and now Luke has a double ear infection.  Really?  Could the timing be any worse?  His birthday party is in 3 days.  He started his antibiotics yesterday so I am hoping that they start working fast.  He has been SUPER grumpy lately and wakes up 57 times a night.  Last night he came into our room at 11:15!  I had just finished reading and laid down to go to sleep at about 10:45!  And then the poor kid could not sleep at all.  We were up ALL night.  Seriously.  ALL night. 

I am exhausted.  I have so much to do and this has really thrown a monkey wrench in my plans.  No way am I hauling two kids, much less one sick, cranky kid, to Costco on my own.  Nick said he would try to get home early today and I am crossing my fingers because as soon as he gets here I am bolting out that front door.  I am going to wander around Target or Costco or wherever.  I may even wander into a nail salon for a pedi.  Man, I'm beat!

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  1. I bet he will be all better by Saturday. It is amazing when the antibiotics kick in how much better they feel.



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