3:08 AM

I was really feeling optimistic when I woke up this morning.  I promptly plopped both kiddos into the bath while I took a shower.  Blow dried my hair, washed both kids hair, got everyone dressed, and was looking forward to our playdate at the Wiggly Center.  I looked over to see Luke with his blankie wrapped around his head log rolling across the kitchen floor.  Olivia thought it was hysterical which only egged Lukey on and he continued to log roll back and forth from one end of the kitchen to the other.  I had just poured my morning cup of coffee and was reflecting on what a super mom I am to have everyone dressed and ready so early when Luke stood up and said "I don't feel good, Mommy".  You can imagine what followed.

So my morning quickly took a turn for the worst.  I pulled my freshly styled hair into a quick ponytail, ripped off my "going out of the house" clothes and replaced them with my "mommy uniform" of black yoga pants and a t-shirt, shut Olivia into her room to keep her from examining the mess, placed Luke back into the bathtub, and proceeded to mop my kitchen floor.

Just when I think I've got things under control, my kids are always there to remind me that I don't.  Thanks, my precious little darlings.

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