15 weeks 5 days - Prenatal Appointment

4:17 AM

Today was my last prenatal appointment with Dr. Milstein.  He is such an amazing doctor and I am so sad to have to leave him.  I still have not found a new doctor in The Woodlands, but he gave me a list of board certified ob/gyns to help me start my search.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Everything was great at the appointment today.  I have only gained 2 pounds the entire pregnancy which was shocking even to me.  I feel like such a cow these days :)  The baby's heart rate was 154 and my tummy is measuring right on track.  My next prenatal appointment will be in 4 weeks when I will also have my big ultrasound done.

I'm feeling great myself, no more nausea (thank goodness!) and I am enjoying this part of the pregnancy.  My only complaint is the fact that it's so hard to sleep and get comfortable at night.  And now, when I stand up after laying down or sitting down for a while, my hips feel all out of joint and I end up limping around for a few minutes until things work themselves back into place.  Ahhh, the joys of pregnancy!

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  1. Mom and I were talking, the baby will be born in the summer soooooooo why not keep seeing Dr M. Just make it a field trip and then when it gets close to time come stay up here for a while. Then we would all be here to help. :)



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