Go A's!!!

5:22 AM

This morning was Luke's first baseball game with the A's.   And by this morning, I mean 7:45am.  Ummm, yeah.

But, despite the fact that we had to wake up before the chickens, it was so much fun!  Luke did a great job and hung right in there with all the boys.  He is about 1-2 years younger than most of the kids playing in this division so I was a little worried about how he would do.  But, he did awesome and I am so proud of him.  This is the first season that they are counting out's so it's a lot more fun to watch and, not so surprisingly, I got really into it.  At one point I was standing on the bleachers (yes, pregnant belly and all) yelling out to Luke.  I turned to Nick and said, "uh-oh, I'm one of those moms, aren't I?"  Indeed, I am.  I'm going to try to tone it down the next game.  I still need friends.

Luke had a chance to play pitcher toward the end of the game and he caught a ground ball and was able to throw it to first to get the runner out!  I was beaming with pride.  Haha.  He also "took one for the team" by stopping a ball in the air with his body...ahem, groin.  I could tell it stung because from the look on his face he couldn't decide whether to cry or not, but thankfully, he sucked it up, smiled and gave us the old thumbs up.  Later, after the game, I heard him talking to Sissy and he said, "hey, Sis, did you see how that ball flew right at my pee-pee!"  I think we will be investing in a cup sooner rather than later.

This game was also extra special because my little sister, Laurin, and nephew, Avery, were in town to cheer Luke on.  I know it made his day to have his own little cheering section.

Here are a few pictures from the game...

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  1. Great photos, Juli. Glad to hear Luke had such a great game. Hope you are all getting settled in there in The Woodlands.



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