Pack, Pack, Packity-Pack

1:25 AM

We are in full on pack mode around here. I have managed to get my entire kitchen packed away and it only took me 4 days...sigh. I hope the rest of the packing goes a bit quicker, otherwise, I will still be packing when when new owners arrive on Wednesday. :) Packing is just so not fun! I wish the packing fairy would show up soon.

In other news, today is Luke's Valentine's party at school today. He gets so excited when Sissy and I come to school for his parties and I cannot wait to show up and see his little face light up. He loves showing off his Sissy to all his friends and his teachers and he loves to take me by the hand and show me all the centers and everything around the classroom. Such a sweet, sweet boy. We are going to miss his school terribly!

Speaking of Sissy, she seems to really be enjoying her morning at home by herself. She keeps running past me laughing about something and will just peek around the corner and smile at me. I think she likes having all the toys to herself. Oops, maybe not...I think I smell what she's been working on!

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