Family Update

11:36 PM

Wow. I cannot believe it's been over a year since I updated the blog! So much has happened in the last year, but I thought I would take a minute to do a quick, cliff-notes style update. :)

Emily, 3

Emily is three years old! Not sure how that happened so fast. She is completely potty trained and has been for quite a while. She no longer uses her paci and has finally stopped asking for "milk babas". It's a little sad watching my last baby growing up into a little big girl, but I'm excited to enter this new phase of life. Emily does not nap most days. About once a week, she crashes in the car or while watching tv and will nap for a couple of hours. She could most definitely use a nap most days, but seems to be transitioning away from it and can get cranky in the evening. She goes to bed around 8:30p and wakes around 7:00a. She LOVES books! We read a book every night before bed (and several throughout the day) and then she sleeps that book. She insists it's comfy and if she had it her way she would probably sleep on a pile of hard back books. ;)

Emily goes to preschool three days a week and loves it. She loves doing "homework" with the big kids and love practicing her letters. She also loves ballet and gymnastics and can't wait to be a "big cheer girl". Emily is such a sweet little girl, loves to help anyway she can, and tries hard to keep up with the big kids. She loves to pretend play and uses the cutest little voices to tell stories. She loves playing dolls and is asking Santa to bring her a doll carrying case "like sissy's" to keep all her doll clothes in.

Olivia, 6

Olivia is six years old and is in the first grade. She absolutely LOVES going to school! She loves everything about it and sighs in disappointment on Saturdays when there is no school. Ha. She is still just the most nurturing, sweet, motherly sister and loves helping me around the house. She loves watching cooking shows like Pioneer Woman and Cupcake Wars. She is really becoming such a big girl and bring her purse everywhere. She played soccer for this first time this Fall and loved it. She also did cheer for the second year. Right now, she is enjoying tumbling and gymnastics and is quite good at it. Her best friend is Audrey and they are just the sweetest, sassiest little girls around.

Olivia does very well in school and loves to read. The biggest struggle with Olivia is keeping her room clean. Despite being so organized in so many other areas of life, the girl cannot keep her room clean to save her life!

Luke, 8

Luke is eight years old and is in the third grade. He is still our "spirited child". :) He brings us so much joy each day and keeps us on our toes, for sure. He loves to skateboard and brings it with us everywhere we go. He has taught himself several tricks, just from watching videos online. He loves going to the skate park and begs us to take him. He also started Parkour classes and loves it. I am amazed at what all he has learned in such a short time.

Luke says he would like to try soccer next and is on the fence about doing baseball this Spring.

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