letting you in on a little secret

3:29 AM

anyone else have this problem?? you want to display your kid's artwork on the fridge but your stainless steel fridge is not magnetic. i've been looking for a solution to this problem for months and yesterday i found it. i stopped by the container store to check out their gift wrap "wonderland" (not so much) and came across this little do-hicky. and i must say, i was a little skeptic that it would work, but my goodness, it's wonderful. it's so cute (matches my apple green curtains perfectly) and sticks to the fridge like a magnet. and you can move it around and restick it over and over. it leaves no residue to clean off and holds luke's artwork very securely. how have i not know about this???

oh, and after checking out may fair lane online, i discovered that they also make adorable photo frames. i can't wait to order some.


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