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I was tagged by my friend Jennifer so it's my turn to tell you guys seven random facts about myself.

1. I played competitive tennis as a child and all through high school. I had a private coach and traveled all over Texas playing in tournaments. I beat out a Senior for captain of my high school team my Freshman year. I got burned out by my last year in high school and rebelled against my parents by quitting all together. No attempt at a college scholarship, nothing. I was done. I do regret this decision. I still love tennis and can't wait until both kiddos are in school so I can start playing in a league.

2. I love photography and am completely self-taught. I began fiddling with my camera after Luke was born and have not put it down since. I have always loved creating art and love oil painting, but let's face it, I don't have time to paint. I hardly have time to go to take a shower. Photography is a creative outlet for me and it also satisfies my neurotic obsession with documenting every moment of my kids' lives. I have 30,000 photos saved on my computer right now and that's just the beginning.

3. I am addicted to Pottery Barn. Nick says I would buy our groceries there if I could. I stalk that place for deals and am on the call list for when they place floor models on sale. I have even contemplated working there just for the discount. That was a no-go for Nick.

4. I worked in insurance before having kids and handled property and injury claims for UPS. Basically, if a UPS truck ran into you somewhere in the SW region of the US, I was the lady who would call and try to smooth things over (aka throw money at you in an attempt to get you to sign a release). I was also the lady that you would yell at and call obsessively about when you were going to get your settlement check. I handled cases in litigation so I attended trials and mediations and negotiated settlements with plaintiff attorneys. I hated my job and it did not fit my personality at all. I did it for the money and ended up meeting Nick so it all worked out. :)

5. I have a "black" thumb. I kill every plant that I come in contact with. I actually feel a little sorry for the flowers that I buy at Calloway's since I already know their fate.

6. I have always wanted to work for Starbucks. Everyone there seems so happy and it just seems like a fun place to work. I would want to be the barista, of course. Oh, and I would want to be the one to fill out all those cute chalk boards with the little squiggles and bubbly handwriting.

7. I never ate shrimp, hot dogs, or steak until I met Nick. I was disgusted by the idea of eating shrimp since it is an entire little creature with little legs and a shell and you have to eat lots of them to get full. Yuck! Nick peeled my shrimp for me and made them look less creature-like and I feel in love. With Nick and the shrimp. Haha!

So here are the rules:

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  1. I have always wanted to work at Starbucks too. :)



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