and an update from the evans house

1:33 AM

well, olivia is sick. she was up last night with a 102 degree fever, a horrible, congested cough, watery eyes, and snot just pouring out of her nose. poor baby. this is her first time to be sick, ever. since she was in no condition to go to church this morning, i stayed home with her while nick and luke and grandma and pawpaw all went. olivia just finally passed out. she has to be sitting up or she can't breath and starts coughing and choking on all of the congestion.

we are waiting for acute kids to open. i thought for sure they would be open this morning but apparently they don't open until noon. so here i am updating the blog, bouncing olivia in her bouncy seat with my foot, and drinking my much needed caffeine.

tonight we are doing "chris-chris" with nick's parents and may go see the christmas lights in deerfield this evening. that is if olivia is doing any better. otherwise, it is going to be a long next couple of days inside the house with sister.

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  1. I've got a humidfier for helped Conner so much last week. Let me know if you need it. Oh, and lots of saline drops and the suction.



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